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According to ancient Zen, the wisdom has "no gate barriers." All that keeps who you are from becoming who you'd like to be is a gateless gate. Walk through it.

The Gateless Gate is a 70-minute meditation verging on "virtual reality." You become the central character on a journey of self-discovery. Produced with beautiful music and incredible three-dimensional sound effects, you journey to a mountain ashram, meet 11 fellow travelers and kindly Brother Joshua, who conducts dharma talks, directs sitting and walking meditations, and Sanzen one-to-one sessions. You'll get up at 4:30 each morning, attend the sessions, work in the communal vegetable garden, sleep and dream in the afternoon. Again and Again, you'll be directed within to seek awareness about your own life and spiritual quest. Each time you visit The Gateless Gate, you'll obtain new understanding.

These Meditation Journeys are divided into multi-tracks, making them easy to listen to one at a time.

Dick Sutphen's Teachings & Self-Awareness Processing in a “Journey” Format. By dividing the meditation journey into multi-tracks, you can experience it any way you desire. As examples: 1. You can skip the body relaxation/altered-state induction while driving and simply listen to the story. participating to any degree you desire when instructed to consider a particular concept. 2. If you don't want to meditate for the full length of the CD/audio program, you can set your player to play onlyr Tracks 1 through 5 and the awakening track. The next time you do the meditation set your player to play Track 1 (relaxation) plus Track 6 through the end to finish the journey. If you like a particular portion of the journey, you can re-experience it as often as you like.

1 Introduction 6:05
2 Arrival 2:50
3 Brother Joshua 7:50
4 Welcome Talk 12:32
5 Sanzen 9:25
6 The Dream 7:20
7 Dharma Talk 13:32
8 The Last Session 10:42
9 Awakening 1:17

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