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Rick Grimes wakes up at the hospital. He can't find anybody. No nurses or doctors. He stands up and walks out of his chamber. The hospital is a disaster, most of the things are shattered and broken. He steps outside and sees a parking lot, covered with dead bodies. Shocked and confused he tries to find his way home. And horrible truth reveals before his eyes. Streets of the town are filled with zombies. People who are woken up from the dead, just to fulfil the main instinct of a living being. TO EAT! Something horrible has happenned to the world while Rick slept and now he got to find his wife and son, and find out what’s the cause of this catastrophe. And of course, survive. The walking dead is a tv series, based on acclaimed graphic novel with a same name. 


The Walking Dead

Episode.......: S03E15
Release Date..: 2013-03-25
Release Size..: 1361.42Mb
Play Time.....: 43:21
Resolution....: 1280x720
Video bitrate.: 4004kbps
Audio info....: 6ch, 384kbps
Subtitles.....: N/A
CRF value.....: 18.0

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