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- When Customers Talk (Turn What They Tell You into Sales) book / ebook -

Based on a National Survey of over 100,000 Customers

Gross is a recognized expert on managing the customer service experience..."When Customers Talk" will satisfy you. -- IMedia Book Club
Product Description
Your Customers Are Talking…We’ve Been Listening!

In the final installment of his customer service trilogy, T. Scott Gross has partnered with the leading consumer market intelligence firm BIGresearch to find out how retailers don’t listen to their customers—and what they risk by ignoring what their customers want. BIGresearch surveyed 100,000 retail customers, and their valuable feedback on service, pricing, habits, and what they look for in a shopping experience are presented for the first time in When Customers Talk.

Their insights will help you anticipate customers’ needs and use emerging trends to your advantage. You’ll learn how to attract and retain profitable customers and effectively beat the competition. Here are just a few topics:

· Discover how customers view chain retailers differently than small operations.

· Create an atmosphere that encourages customers to open their wallets.

· Explore the "disconnect" between retailers and customers’ attitudes.

· Learn the reasons customers don’t buy can be as important as why they do.

· Find out how to ask the right questions.

· Identify where customers’ expectations are headed before they occur. 

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    * Paperback: 224 pages
    * Publisher: Kaplan Business (December 1, 2004)
    * Language: English

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