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How do I download?

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on Oct 4, 2017
Hi guys,

I found a cool collection of 80´s movies I wanted to download, so I went in and pressed on the "NZB" button, to download it. But I keep just getting an "Site could not be reached. Usernet Crawler closed the connection". How the hell do I download something manually of this site if I Cant download the NZB file?

Is there something simple I am missing here?

Its working fine through API calls in Sonarr and Radarr, but I cant search for this specific collection in Radarr, since its a collection of movies, and radarr only works for single movies.

I also tried adding to the cart, but I cant even find that cart anywhere on the site, and I dont know how to set it up so that SABNzb can download straight from the cart.

Anyone can help?
on Oct 4, 2017
The site is experiencing technical difficulties, we just have to wait it out till it gets fixed and work with what we have.

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